Tuesday 20 October 2020

Rally - Mull Rally Special

In case you hadn't noticed, there was no Beatson's Mull Rally two weekends ago. No reason  to load the car/van and trailer. No reason to pack the bags with sun cream and sun glasses, midge repellent and lip salve, Speedos and t-shirts, scarves and gloves, wellies and anoraks, not to mention several spare sets of clothes when the first lot get sodden wet - and the 'anti-heave' tablets in case the ferry has rough crossing!

With no rally to report, the local on-island, annual subscription-based, monthly magazine 'Round & About' had a couple of pages to fill and by goad, fill them they have. They commissioned (no cash involved, just threats and blackmail!) an article from a big pal of mine looking back on the history and background of the event plus some tales which should stir the old memory box. Apparently the big lad retired to the treehouse one evening with a large glass of Lagavullin and a six pack of Tunnock's Caramel Wafers. He must have been awfy busy, tap, tap, tapping away - the neighbours thought a flock of woodpeckers had moved in.

Anyway, just in case anyone out there wished to avail themselves of this special issue, the Editor is intending to print a few extra copies in case any poor rally starved waif wants to wallow in a bit of nostalgia. These can be posted out for a measly £3 each. Not only will you be treated to a trip down memory lane, but the magazine also provides an informative and absorbing insight into regular island life and recent happenings - Covid permitting. Well worth a read, and maybe even a subscription.

The mag is due to be published on 31st October and you can get more information on the website. The website also has a sample copy of a past magazine so you can have a look. Also worth noting, the Round & About website lists holiday B&B and self-catering accommodation in the area, so keep a note of the address:



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