Tuesday 1 January 2019

Rally - A toast for 2019

 Here's to closed roads and the right to use them
-  To the return of Mull and the Jim Clark rallies
--  the discovery of new roads through new valleys

And raise a glass to the Forestry Commission
- we'd like smoother roads that do not rut
-- and trees that give when corners are cut

And a dram for the Marshals and the officials as well
- For without their help there would be no sport
-- and trust that speccies will lend their support
And a final swaally to those working on Brexit
- get back to basics and common sense for gawd's sake
-- a plea for the return of the Great British handshake

We Britons are supposed to be a bashful race
- So ban the kissing of cheeks like the French yellow jackets do
-- and stop the embarrassing lederhosed Bavarian thigh slapping habits too

And a final toast to the telecoms engineers who serve us outdoors
- may the mobile signal stay with us all,
-- here, there, and wherever,
--- Forever


So here's to 2019 - live fast, have fun, stay safe

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