Sunday 27 January 2019

Rally - The Final Stage

Tomorrow (Monday 28th January) at midnight marks the closing date for the Scottish Government's 'Motorsport on Closed Public Roads' public consultation.

This consultation is seeking the opinions and views of anyone, not just rally fans specifically, and not just motorsports followers either, but everyone. That means that those who might be opposed to such ideas can have their say too, and there are indeed many detractors out there. For that reason it is important that those who participate in and follow all forms of motorsport submit their own views.

The on-line questionnaire asks just 9 questions and is easy to fill in so it won't take long, unless you get carried away, but state your case and keep it brief. If you haven't completed the form or know anyone who hasn't then please do it and urge them to do it today or tomorrow. Tuesday will be too late.

I have no idea how many submissions Transport Scotland has received so far and we won't know that for 2, maybe 3, months depending on how Government and the civil service are sidetracked by Brexit and Scotexit/Scremain manoeuvrings!

It would appear that from the number of confirmations notified on this social media page alone that number should exceed 250.

That compares extremely favourably with the response to the similar Wales public consultation  process for their Closed Roads for Motorsport consultation two years back. They got 76 responses - in total!

Consultation Documents here:

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