Friday 15 April 2016

Road - Cars on test

A certain Mr Bunnet was trying to keep a low profile at the Border Counties Rally. Despite that, some folk came looking for him - having heard what he was driving. Fortunately, for the big chap, not too many folk found him. The pink Fiat 500 was well hidden round the back of the toilet block at the Service Area in Newtown St Boswells and hidden amongst other cars in  the public car park at the foot of Abbey Place in Jedburgh at the finish, then he waited till dark for the drive home! Fortunately his street cred was restored the following week when Honda delivered a Civic Type R GT. But what did he think of his two motoring weeks, and what will he think of this week's motor?

Oh, and by the way, what's coming soon - only the new Ford Focus RS.

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