Sunday 17 April 2016

Rally - Junior test

There was a Junior Test Day at Kames yesterday with 12 youngsters ranging from 14 to 17 years of age participating, including 4 newcomers of which two were young ladies. What was great to see was not just the enthusiasm of the youngsters and thei r parents, but also the numbers of organisers and helpers. Where would the future of the sport be without the likes of Digby and crew?

Bob Watson spent the full day there too, advising and coaching the youngsters and passing on the benefit of his huge experience and knowledge. Considering he was the 1971 Scottish Rally Champion, he's got a lot to pass on about car control and reading the road. A strong contingent from East Ayrshire CC also ensured that Kames was open for business and very welcoming, apart from the fact there were no pies, just bacon rolls!
Also of interest were the good manners being shown and generous goodwill being expressed by the youngsters. One young driver was overheard to wish his rival, "good luck and have a good season". If they all carry that forward in their career, the sport will be all the better for it. That's something that visitors to Scottish rallies have often noticed and commented on in the past, despite the fierce rivalry there is an overall spirit of camaraderie and bonhomie - well, most of the time. Kames also managed to serve up a typical confection of Scottish weather - strong sunshine interspersed with snow showers!

Amy McCubbin's Nissan Micra looked terrific, especially the interior colour finish, while Alice Paterson got the chance to shake down her black Peugeot 107 for the first time, but admitted that the graphics still have to be completed - "I need more pink."

Another interesting car was Harry Chalmers' new VW Up!, unusual amongst the more regular array of Nissans, Citroens, Peugeots and Toyotas, and which replaced the Micra he had last year, reckoning that the VW is lighter and quicker than the Nissan.

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