Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Bunnet Bulletin

A couple of weeks back, I sent out a six question survey to the email addresses of 320 folks and rally fans that I know. Thanks to 'SurveyMonkey' for the free trial. I got over 90 responses which is regarded by those who know better than me as an excellent response to a survey. That's almost a 30% return, which is pretty damn good, as most folks are lucky if they get a 10% return. Thus encouraged I am moving on to the next stage.

The plan is to produce and distribute (by email only) a weekly digest of rallying news and interesting motoring snippets. This will not replace the current website mag (for longer more detailed articles and reports) or the Blog and Facebook presence (primarily for on-event reporting) but will complement this current service.

Design will be kept simple, it won't have pages, just a list of newsy items on a scroll-down format so folks can catch up on the move as well as at their desks.

It will be published each Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday (I haven't decided yet). It is not designed to replace or be in competition with any other weekly newspaper or magazine, and will contain content of primary interest to Scottish readers.

To give you an idea of what a weekly Bulletin might look like I have prepared a sample version based on current news and events.

There will be a charge for this subscription-only email service, so it's over to youse. Is this a goer, or not?

Sample Bulletin posted here:

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