Saturday, 11 July 2015

Rally - Cone concern

I was talking about the Dunfermline CC organising team last night and deliberately didn’t single out any individual by name. It’s a genuine team effort, but there’s been a development. There is an air of genuine concern over Machrihanish this morning.

The chap responsible for the cones left Ingliston with 900 on his trailer and when he got here, he had 899. It would appear that a gust of wind caught one and wheeched it off the trailer and over a fence.

It would be unfair to name Fergus as the man responsible, so I’ll leave him anonymous, as it might lead to embarrassing questions from folk worried about his wellbeing.

It’s not that he’s overly protective about his cones. It’s much worse than that. Apparently he’s got names for them. Not them all – just his favourites!

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