Friday 10 July 2015

Rally - Mach1

Most of us take rally organisers for granted. We turn up, the rally starts, the cars run through the stages, the winner gets sticky with champagne at the finish, and then everybody goes home. Everybody that is except the organisers.

Take the Dunfermline Car Club organising team for instance. They arrived on Tuesday to start setting up for this weekend’s Mach1 Stages. But that wasn’t even the start, organisation for this year’s event started when last year’s rally finished. In between times some hardy souls have been making the 400 mile round trip to talk with the site manager, local businesses and tourist folks. There have also been numerous site visits to plan stage routes and what will be needed to mark them out.

The logistics are quite horrendous. The bales arrived on Tuesday evening, all 240 of them. There are also 200 x 3 metre logs and 450 tyres. The club also brought with them 1000 stakes and 900 cones, not to mention dozens of rolls of marker tape.

And when it’s all over on Sunday afternoon, everything has to be dismantled and cleared away again.
And you know what? They do it for the love of the sport. Nutters, every one of them. And they are already thinking about next year’s event!

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