Sunday, 5 July 2015

Rally - Kames insights

In a sight that would make parents dis-own him never mind his pals, ‘Snakey’ was spotted at Kames dressed for the weather. If it had been snowing you’d think he was standing in a snowdrift. Bad enough, but they were topped by a pair of sun-faded curtains cut down to make oxford baggy shorts. And you wonder why he was walking down the paddock at Kames all alone. It’s just a good job there was no wind, otherwise he would have been blown all the way to Saltcoats.

Meanwhile, some of the competitors were keen to give the Marshals some exercise. This thoughtful gesture was prompted by the fact that Marshals put in long hours at their posts without any chance to go jogging or do press-ups.

The fact that they need exercise was highlighted by the physical effort that was expended trying to push a wee car that weighed little more than a family size pack of All-Bran out of the kitty litter.

This is maybe something that the MSA could take up as part of their Marshals training initiative. It’s all very well having marshals who can write, read clocks and wave flags, but it looks like they will also need to implement a fitness regime as part of the new licensing process to ensure they are capable of doing the job. What next? Dietary advice?

That’ll cause mass desertion in the ranks – no more pie sandwiches, eh?

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