Saturday 4 July 2015

Rally - Speed and glamour

There’s a lot of sport on this weekend. The WRC in Poland and the Tour de France in Frenchland, while closer to home there is Wimbledon in Londonshire and a huge weekend of motorsport just to the north.

We’re spoiled for choice, but I am at the biggest event of them all. After heavy overnight rain the tarmac was damp and puddled in places this morning but it is mostly dry. Temperatures are quite high and it’s quite humid so tyre choice will be critical.  And I suppose that it’s a sign of age these days that the drivers all look so young, like policemen who look as though they are straight out of school.

The spectator bankings are filling up and I suppose there must at least a few dozen here by now. And there’s plenty on track action to keep them amused plus all the facilities that a modern track venue must have these days. Catering too has to be provided and the rolls and sausage, chips and curry sauce must fight for custom alongside the home-baking and  selection of vegetarian options that must be provided these days to cater for all tastes.

And as the sun rises over the vast expanse of this pre-war facility and glints off the gathered ranks of painted bodywork, smoke hangs in the air as driver ‘burn-outs’ warm up the tyres. Driving gloves are pulled just that little bit tighter over the fingers, helmets pulled down and visors adjusted, the cacophonous crescendo rises and the competition gets underway at this two day festival of speed, mayhem and glamour.

More later ...

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