Friday 10 July 2015

Rally - Scrutineering

Bruce Edwards was one of the first in the Scrutineering queue, that’s because he came up during the week to help set up. And those competitors who did help got a wee bonus – they were allowed to set up their service camp inside the Hangar!

Callum Duffy’s Subaru looks magnificent. He got it at the turn of the year but it has been stripped, painted and rebuilt. “I’ve only done one 8 mile test,” said Callum, “and destroyed 4 tyres!” Then he explained: “Aye, but they were the wrong tyres.” So that’s all right then.

Gareth Whyte’s new Citroen DS3 looks the business too: “Compared to my C2 Max with 197 bhp, this one has 210, but it’s heavier. It’s also wider.” He has had one wee shottie though: “This weekend is all about getting used to it. If you don’t change gear at exactly the right revs it can snatch a bit so you have to keep watch. If you get it right, it goes ‘green light’ change up, ‘green light’ change up, ‘green light’ change up, just as fast as you can go!”

As for Shaun Sinclair, do you think he was stuck for a co-driver this weekend?

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