Tuesday 19 May 2015

Rally -Thanks Citroen

It will be interesting to see tomorrow’s ‘Motorsport News’ feature on last weekend’s McRae Rally Challenge. The Deputy Editor (no less) sneaked over the Border on Friday and spent Saturday at the circuit.

And no, he wasn’t there to check up on the activities of MSN’s Scottish correspondent (or so he said), he came because he was intrigued and genuinely interested. He also looked quite pleased and content when he left late Saturday.

His task was to write a feature on the event whereas the usual suspect was left to write the report on the competition element, so it looks like a two page spread tomorrow.

I do have one little doubt though. A certain co-driver let slip a ‘quote’ from his driver which should be mentioned in the ‘Briefs’ column beside the report tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if MSN edits this out, or leaves it in. If they edit it out, all will be revealed here – later!

Also, it might be unwise to reveal this quote ahead of tomorrow because the driver who uttered it is still in the country – he flies home tomorrow, so I’ll be on safer ground after that.

And finally, a special word of thanks and appreciation to Citroen DS for their support and especially to Steve Brogniart and Christian Tronca from Citroen Racing who brought the Xsara over from Paris for the weekend. I was trying to tell them it was such a treat to have them here with that car, but their English was pretty limited and my French is even worse, but you know what? They told me it was an honour for THEM to be HERE.

They even turned down my offer of haggis and chips for their tea!

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