Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rally - Ingenuity

There is one thing about rally crews. Their ingenuity never ceases to amaze me, although some of them take an unusual approach when problems present themselves. For example, take the simple task of erecting an awning under which to service a rally car.

You would think it would be much easier to read the instructions if you read them the right way up. Surely it would much simpler to turn the instructions round rather than to try and build from a plan which is being looked at upside down.

Or perhaps they didn’t have a step ladder. Such things are frowned upon these days by certain members of the Health & Safety Executive and apparently in some trades, apprentices have to receive training in the erection, deployment and correct use of such devices. So it is hardly any wonder that service crews do not avail themselves of such complex tools, thereby having to seek alternative means of reaching their goals.

Still, this picture proves one thing. The Boy Scouts can still be relevant in today’s society – just a pity the Coulthard bunch didn’t attend more often!

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