Sunday 24 May 2015

Rally - Birthday 'boy'

They really are a  nice bunch, the Volkswagen WRC team that is. And despite the fact that we would rather see a certain Citroen and its crew on the top step of the podium, the German team does have a soul and a certain lighthearted personality.

For instance, this weekend in Portugal, Jost Capito, Volkswagen Motorsport Director, made a rather special presentation  to a rather special gentleman, Martin Holmes. Author of countless news reports, magazine articles and books on rallying for over 50 years and currently the Rallies Editor of Motorsport Monday, Martin Holmes celebrated his 75th birthday in Portugal.

Originally a rally co-driver throughout the 1960s, 70s and into the 80s for the likes of Shekhar Mehta, Chris Sclater, John Haugland, Andy Dawson and Billy Coleman, and one of my own heroes Timo Makinen, plus many others, he used that knowledge and contacts to become one of the world's leading writers on the subject of rallying.

Even if you don't recognise the face, you'll know the name, and it was really nice of Jost Capito to record this landmark with a unique gift. Not for Martin a lump of cake, but a hand-made gift featuring three Polo R WRC model cars mounted on carbon fibre and signed by the drivers and co-drivers. Nice one Jost.

For once Martin was speechless, well nearly: "If I get something this lovely for my 75th birthday, I'll happily continue for another 25 years," he said.

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