Tuesday 5 October 2021

What is a Targa Rally?

Targa Rallying ... or an outsider's inside view of this enjoyable motor sporting and socially acceptable endeavour.

A Targa Rally is like an Autotest on steroids, a Navigational Road Rally that is easy on the intellect and a special stage rally with Timed Tests instead of Special Stages all rolled into one.

Perhaps a more apt description in these politically sensitive times would be a hybrid rally!

And so, in a bid to find out more about Targa Rallying one fearless, adventurous journalist ventured into the wilds of the deep south west braving torrential rain and suicidal pheasants on the way to witness an example of this not so rare species which is enjoying a bit of a resurgence.

Ideal for auld codgers old hands in older cars, family outings, or youngsters seeking a bit of fun without spending too much dosh, the H.U.R.F and Solway CC organised 'Autofit.co.uk' Solway Coast Targa Rally provide the ideal introduction.

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