Sunday 10 October 2021

Rally - Harper wins on Mull

Photo: LindsayPhotoSport
The Man who wasn't There ... My big pal Jaggy has been in a foul mood all weekend. He's been kicking lumps out of everything from the wife's victoria sponge to the untouched toolbox, and the neighbour's cat won't pee in his vegetable patch any more either!

We all know why - withdrawal symptoms, although this is not the time or place for reasons or recriminations.

That means there will be no insightful report from this year's Beatson's Building Supplies Mull Rally so you'll just have to make do with the event's official Press Release, which has been published in the on-line mag, and read the promised two page spread in Thursday's Motorsport News.

Next year? Who knows? There will be a new team in charge. Will that mean more change or a reversion to tradition? Will the BRC be back? Will Dirtfish be back? Will the island reclaim its own?

Whatever is said about this year's event, no-one can doubt the speed or ferocity of the competition and the constant drama which unfolded relentlessly from first stage to last. What a blast.

Report here:


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