Friday 16 July 2021

Rally - A poignant pic

Tradition was observed at the start of last weekend's Mach1 Stages Rally when Andrew piped off the top seeds before resuming his seat as a competitor further down the entry list. The pipes have actually been silent since the first lockdown and could not be played in public due to the emission of 'aerosols' from the drones and chanter. Even at the very recent family funeral, the rules dictated that only recordings could be played. No live music. How cruel was that, but needs must.

However, I hope the family will forgive me for an observation regarding the adjoining photograph. Those are not clouds. They are in fact great puffs of stoor being blown out of the pipes after months of inactivity as Andrew warmed up ahead of a medley of foot tapping, soul stirring tunes.

Mind you I bet there was someone else up there keeping an eye on proceedings, enjoying the music and appreciative of the 'smoke signals'. Aye, it was awfy guid tae be back.

Full rally report will follow shortly - see previous story!

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