Tuesday 6 July 2021

Rally - Mach1 Stages

No rallies for months, and then just like buses, three biggies come along all at once. Two weeks ago it was the 2 day Argyll Rally, last weekend, the 2 day M-Sport Stages and this weekend it's Dunfermline Car Club's 3 day thrash at Campbeltown.

Well, maybe not quite a full 3 days but it's the opening round of the Marshall Construction Scottish Tarmack Championship and lots of folk will be eager to get there early. Mind you for some stalwarts it's a week long thrash as some of the 'volunteers' take a full week to help set up the stages, officiate on the day, and then spend more time tidying up afterwards. And without them there would be no rally - thanks lads and lassies.

Full entry list for the Mach1 Stages Rally on Sat/Sun 10/11 July is now in the on-line mag with some other relevant info ...




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