Friday 2 July 2021

Argyll Rally Report

That's the main report from the Dunoon Presents Argyll Rally now published in the on-line mag. The class roundup will have to wait till next week as 'one' has been asked to report on this weekend's M-Sport Stages. The following weekend it's another two/three day event, the Mach 1 Stages. After 15 months off, busy, busy, busy, eh?

Anyway, perhaps I got carried away a wee bit with the main Argyll report. Since spectators were not actively encouraged (due to Covid concerns) many fans didn't make the trip so here's a bit of additional information and colour to make up for it. Maybe too much for those with a short attention span, eh?

Then again, it was an awfy big rally. Full house 120 car entry, 13 stages, first time on closed public roads in Argyll, with a brand new town centre Special Stage, and all organised by Mull Car Club and friends during two lockdowns and a Covid crisis. A quite incredible feat. And everyone loved it - even the midges, they had a fine old feast on rampant red blooded visitors, apart from one pipe smoking tourist who quickly became everyone's friend!

Main report here:


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