Sunday 3 May 2020

The Barcelona Blagging

If you thought my Big Pal Jaggy didn't like Monaco, well I've got news for you, he hates Barcelona even more. It was a good few years back and although he's been back since, it has always been under protest and entirely because of work. For some reason this sun-soaked destination is a favourite location for new vehicle launches!

So what could have engendered such hatred?

Once upon a time, Jaggy was amongst the most sociable and approachable of fellows (Yes, really!)  but the curmudgeon within blossomed on a trip to Spain for a new vehicle launch.

So for the benefit of those of you who may agonize over the origins of the big chap's confrontational style and unique approach to conversation and social gatherings, the full story of that episode has been published in the on-line mag.

Yet another tourist article which failed to garner interest amongst the more 'professional' glossy press publications:

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