Wednesday 20 May 2020

Rally - A Request

A request has veen received from 'Murr Minor', son of 'Mad Murr' Grierson (see previous Blog post), suggesting that further proof might be needed that my Big Pal Jaggy really did compete. He also suggested that I show a copy of Jaggy's actual Competition Licence as issued by that august pillar of officialdom, the RAC Motor Sports Association.

A genuine RAC MSA Competition Licence!
So for those of you who still harbour some doubts about the big chap's honesty, integrity and illustrious competition career, here's a photo of his Licence. In fact, this was not his first Competition Licence for that one had a different photograph.

In those days the RAC MSA issued a plain licence card to which one applied and fixed one's own passport photo. The instructions declared: “Affix photo of licence holder here”, and the photo had to be placed carefully inside the wee dotted line round the ID box.

Apparently Jaggy took them at their word. He took his own passport sized photograph of the 'licence holder', i.e. the wee plastic wallet which contained the licence, and affixed it in the required space.

The ever-patient Bill Troughear
Well, that caused a right kerfuffle in Galloway. The organisers didn’t know whether to laugh or weep so they called over the Steward, one Bill Troughear Esq, who to his credit didn’t bat an eye. He merely dipped his head and looked at the big chap in that way he used to do with all miscreants and chancers. A sort of Royal ‘We are not amused’ type of look, but there was a twinkle in his eyes.

Later Jaggy was taken aside and quietly informed that the 'licence holder' was the person -  not the wallet, although he did admit there was some ambiguity in the wording. At least the ploy was still afoot - as previously reported, Murr and Jaggy finished 2nd.

Anyway, at the next event this Mk2 version of the Licence was presented at Signing-On with a photo of the august personage himself gracing the ID box. But as you can see, as was his wont and desirous of his anonimity, his picture taken from the rear, thanks to his accomplice, Lady Bunnet. In his defence, it was still unmistakably recognisable, as the subject was wearing a bunnet and a pipe could be seen sticking out the side of his mouth.

That occasioned another polite ticking off, despite the fact the official instruction at no time said the photograph had to show the face of the competitor. Sadly Bill is no longer with us, and the sport is all the poorer for that. He was an Official who had both a heart and an intelligent mind, and he also knew the difference between sportsmanship, gamesmanship, cheating - and fun!

So if you're wondering where the idea of Photocard ID Competition Licences came from, now you know! Needless to say, Jaggy's 'relationship' with the sport's governing body deteriorated somewhat further, never to reach the heady heights of consultation, reward and influence. 

Alistair Brearley with Jaggy on their way to 6th o/a on the 1982 Kingdom Stages (photographer unknown).

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