Friday 1 May 2020

A missed opperchancity

Once upon a time my Big Pal Jaggy entertained the idea of becoming a serious, successful and highly paid travel writer, as opposed to a poor and impoverished motor sports scribbler. Prior to his first visit to Monaco (for the launch of the Renault Espace) a good few years back he sold the idea of an article to a Scottish magazine. On his return home he delivered the article to said publication with a smug and triumphant flourish.

The article never saw the light of day. It was never printed. And worse, no further travel articles were commissioned.

What went wrong? That original article has now been published for the very first time in the on-line mag to allow all you nice folks out there to make up your mind with regard to the quality of the content, the historical insight and the journalistic integrity of the author. To all those of you who are locked up, I mean, locked down and getting more and more fidgety with each passing day, here's a chance to make up your own mind and pass judgement.

Whatever, I personally thought Jaggy showed great promise and his additional ideas on travel articles for Athens, Amsterdam and Paris were sadly not taken up either. I wonder why. Did he have a future or was he denied a change of career before it got off the ground? 



  1. I agree re your piece on Monaco.

    I hv pic of Graham Hill on grid at Loton Park wearing a neckbrace. Do you know why
    DH IN Englands

  2. Phew, that's a tricky one. Any idea of the date and/or race?