Friday 19 April 2019

Road - Kermit on tour

Oh ye of little faith, turns out I was enjoying myself so much I overshot Elgin and landed up in Lossiemouth. The Jimny is a lot smaller than a Defender but it has more head room, shoulder room, leg room, knee room and arm room and there's even enough room for those with a pie-fed waistline to be able to drive without polishing the bottom of the steering wheel!

On the wide open expanse of the A9 it did show a distaste for wind (but that could have been the onions or the beans!) or to put it more accurately, crosswinds. The steering is reminiscent of older times and ensures that the driver has to maintain concentration at all times as it can wander a wee bit if not paying attention.

As for overtaking, that has to be planned well in advance especially when you catch a big black lorry from the Borders area loaded with rally tyres and driven by an exa rally champion heading north up the winding Spey Bridge to Delnashaugh stretch of the A95.

It's not the most comfortable of vehicles on the tarmac but it oozes charm with its honest simplicity.

Anyway, rally tomorrow and then homeward bound in the dark. Just hope I don't meet any deer - they're bigger than me! 


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