Sunday 7 April 2019

Rally - The Boss

With nothing in the way of fanfare and adopting a low profile, a certain co-driver was making his third appearance on the Flying Scotsman Vintage Rally. None other than 'The Boss' was navigating for one Peter Lovett in his 1937 Frazer Nash and they finished in an excellent 4th place overall.

He may have changed a bit since those heady days in the mid 70s when two gangly young men, one from Finland and the other from England carved a bit of rallying history for themselves in a Rothmans Ford Escort.

Both went on to greater things, Ari Vatanen became a politician and safety campaigner while David Richards CBE pursued a hugely successful business career and is now the Chairman of Motorsport UK, a much different organisation these days from the previous MSA (Moribund Sport Association).

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