Sunday 28 April 2019

Rally - Breakfast of champions

In these obsessively health and fitness conscious times, when rally drivers are regarded as athletes first and drivers second, it is encouraging to note that today's ambitious youngsters are driven to observe a healthy diet and strict fitness regime in order to be successful. One such ambitious and talented youngster was spotted practising this abstemious and rigorous lifestyle before the Pirelli Rally last Saturday. It obviously worked. He was 3rd Junior and won his class. It will also help his CV that he scored a top ten finish on a British Championship event. Gaun yersel Finlay.

Oh, and one more thing. Following comments that were made in the previous post it may be of interest that there will be Column in next Wednesday's 'Motorsport News' which contains even more thoughts and opinions. This may be of interest, or not. If it provokes discussion and debate then it will be worth it. It might also provoke some hate mail, in which case the Jimmy hat, false beard and dark glasses may well be pressed into service once again.

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