Thursday 18 April 2019

Rally - Editorial transport

Be kind to a Jaggy this Easter.The life of a motoring journalist is not all about fast cars and exotic locations. Cars come in all shapes and sizes and appeal to different folk for different reasons. From city cars to continental cruisers and  from the mildly expensive to the exorbitant, some cars are bought for pleasure, some for investment but most are bought to be used and enjoyed.

To help the Great British buying public along the way motoring journalists will drive anything and then offer up their opinions. Whether you choose to accept or disagree with those views is entirely up to you, but it does provide a starting  point when deliberating over what to buy next, does it not?

And so it often comes to pass that manufacturers will send something along that some of us will want to drive in the dark and possibly park in the next street to our homes. However, in the interests of fairness and the devotion to one's calling and duty, such views must be put aside in the pursuit of objectivity and responsibility to one's readership.

On that basis, I would urge you all this weekend to be kind to our dear friend Mr Bunnet who will be dutifully attending the Speyside Stages at Elgin in this week's editorial carriage, pictured here.

He is already fearful of jibes and remarks and even considered taking his own set of wheels and doing his current vehicle appraisal during the hours of darkness, but that would do great dis-service to the winner of the 2019 Urban World Car of the Year - the Suzuki Jimny.

If you are attending the Speyside this weekend and you do encounter a shy and retiring Jaggy please be courteous, considerate and kind. After all, you would only expect such grace in return from such an honourable gentleman, would you not? In the meantime I will be furnishing my big pal with a Jimmy hat, false beard and wrap around sunglasses.

Remember, a Jaggy has feelings too - just ask the RSPCA!

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