Wednesday 21 March 2018


Pete Weall and Gerry Potter

The Scottish Association of Car Clubs held its final AGM last night in Bridge of Allan. No don't get carried away, it wasn't that bad, the Association has simply changed its name to the Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs which is a much more accurate reflection  of its purpose.

However, many of the old problems remain. Not enough Volunteers, Organisers, Officials and Marshals. If competitors knew just how precarious this position is, then they might just be a bit more appreciative of the efforts of the untold hundreds of mugs, sorry, volunteers around the country who expend so much time and effort on the provision of a whole variety of motor sporting events throughout the year. This is a bigger problem facing the sport than lack of entries.
Russell Fair and Suze Endean

Did you know there are currently 53 car clubs in the Association although 25 of them don't run any events while there are 5 clubs who each run more than 15 events per year?

Anyway, one man's view of last night's proceedings is here for all to read:

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