Monday 5 March 2018

Rally - Border Counties Postponed

Who'd be a rally organiser? The organisers of this weekend's Border Counties Rally have issued another Statement. They have reluctantly been forced to postpone Saturday's (10th March) rally. Maybe they should do a deal with Highland Car Club - and swap rally titles!

Things are more than difficult enough for organisers these days without the weather interfering. Naturally I blame Brexit. This is just the latest example of mainland Europe wishing to keep us within their cosy fold by allowing us to share their weather, and they sent us an overly-generous helping last week. Just think, once the separation has become permanent we'll no doubt have to pay some form of Customs fee to import their weather - or maybe not.

As to promised future trade deals with the Americans, perhaps we can swap some of our Summer rain showers for their Florida Sunshine when the blonde buffoon and the tufted tweeter sit down to discuss such matters on our behalf. No doubt our end of the deal will end up with cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes - and no sunshine.

And the picture? That's just an image of the top of the lighthouse here in New St Even's Town poking out of the snow during the recent winter storms. Sited on the Redstone rocks, the advanced fully solar powered automated beacon provides a welcoming light to weary stormgripped travellers.

At least it should have. Due to lack of sunshine, this warm and welcoming beacon of hospitality was prevented from sending out its bright and bountiful message of warmth and benevolence. So much for renewable energy.

Where's a wind turbine when  you need one, eh?

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