Monday 15 November 2021

Rally - Scottish Borders Hill Rally

The Scottish Borders Hill Rally takes place this weekend at Forrest Estate near St John's Town of Dalry, but given the current and ongoing Covid restrictions it is not a spectator event and the Service Area is out of bounds to those not wearing organiser provided wristbands.

Which is a pity. Spectating at a Hill Rally can be every bit as entertaining as standing in a forest watching rally cars. For competitors, it provides a variety of thrills and challenges, from 100mph stretches with fast curves and hairpins, to nadgery, slippery, tricky detours, but without some of the eye watering costs associated with current competitive stage rally car machinery.

The Entry Fee for this  weekend's 14 Special Stage, 115 mile event is £495! The first car will set off at 10.00am on Saturday morning and should finish around 6.30pm with the second Leg starting at 10.00am on Sunday morning and the first car due home around 2.30pm. And given the time of year, the final two stages on Saturday will be run in the dark, and that adds a whole new dimension to the affair.

Full preview and Entry List here :

( Note: The photos were taken at the previous event in 2019 )

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