Wednesday 17 November 2021

Rally - Milltown Stages

The final round of the Marshall Construction Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship takes place on Sunday (21st of Nov) near Elgin. The event is called the Annabelle Tennant Milltown Stages Rally in memory of the late and much loved 'Gravel Granny' herself, Annabelle Tennant whom we lost some 5 years ago now.

The title of 2021 Scottish Tarmack Rally Champion will be determined on this final round and although Alistair Inglis looks like he has one hand on the trophy, there is an outside chance that Jamie Miller in the Citroen C2 could perhaps snatch it away. However, for that to happen Jamie would need to win his class and Alistair not finish. Although, by my (questionable) reckoning, Jamie would score just enough points to match Alistair's total which would then go to the tie-decider - and that's way above my pay grade.

That's because this championship, unlike most others, is decided on class wins and points. With the same number of points available for each of the 5 classes, there is always the chance of a tie. But there is a 'but', there is a minimum number of entrants for each class to allow full points to be scored. If that minimum number isn't reached then full points won't be awarded. Clear? No, me neither!

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