Wednesday 21 April 2021

Rally - Junior 1000 News

Even though car clubs throughout the country are gearing up for a resumption of rallying there are still no 'definite' dates,  just 'hoped for' dates. Even if a Permit is granted to run such an event it can be withdrawn just as easily if the Covid situation changes. And as we are all only too well aware, the scientists are anticipating another surge in coronavirus cases in the Summer. Which prompts the plea - define Summer. Scottish summers are different to those in other parts of the world.


Amongst those making plans are the 'Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge' organisers who like all other event organisers are carrying on regardless. For instance, there is a Test day planned for Milltown (in the far north) on May 1st and another at Kames (in Ayrshire) on 20th June while DCC have announced that they will incorporate a Junior 1000 Rally at their Mach 1 Stages near Campbeltown on 10th July.


This successful series for 14-17 year old would-be rally drivers in 1 litre cars provides the ideal cheap (nearly!) way of getting into the sport. And if you think there is little chance of getting excited about live competition in a 1 litre car, you only have to visit one of these events to have your preconceptions blown out of your exhaust.  


In the meantime one of the ex-Junior 1000 stars, Johnnie Mackay, has been tasked with organising an on-line Forum next Thursday the 29th of April at 19:30 on Zoom.


Along with Johnnie, the panel line-up will include Alex Vassallo (3-time Junior Champion of yesteryear) and Thomas Johnstone (current J1000 frontrunner & Motorsport UK Athlete) who will talk about their own toils and tribulations, and how they got into the sport in the first place, plus their experiences in Junior rallying, and where that has brought them to now. There will also be opportunity for a Q&A following each presentation. Ideal for youngsters and their parents to listen in and take part.


Viewers have to register at the following link:


The forum is limited to 100 people, and will be on a first come first serve basis.

Full details are on the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge Facebook page and website if you want more information.


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