Thursday 14 March 2019

Rally - Changes at Motorsport UK

Motorsport UK has today announced further changes to its governing structure. The Motorsport UK Board is to become the ultimate decision-maker in the governance of UK motorsport taking over the role from Motorsport Council, which will now become the body that informs and advises the Board.

The Board will comprise a greater proportion of independent non-executive directors, in addition to the members representing the sport’s direct interests.

David Richards CBE will remain as Chairman of the Board and Hugh Chambers will continue as Chief Executive of Motorsport UK looking after the day to day management of the sport in the United Kingdom.  Tom Purves will take over the Chair of Motorsport Council in place of Tony Scott Andrews who is stepping down after 9 years in the post. 

There will also be a new Rules Committee, representing all disciplines, to review regulation changes proposed by the various specialist committees.

Future actions will determine whether this is good news or not, but it would appear that this move will allow a little more democracy and accountability to creep into what was once a self perpetuating oligarchy. More direct involvement from Club and National level must surely be a good thing, although the fact that Messrs Richards and Chambers are behind this latest move is encouraging. Long may it continue.

Full text of release here:

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