Saturday 23 March 2019

Rally - Border Counties Classes

That's the roundup of the Classes from the Border Counties now in the on-line mag, and perhaps you'll forgive the occasional bout of flippancy in this report. This was entirely down to the weather as a certain drookit and bedraggled rally reporter trudged doggedly round the muddy service area, feet splunging through the streams of waatter coursing down the roads from the rain, whilst the crews sat cosy and dry in their cars or sheltering from the elements in their vans. And not so much as a sniff of a Cruella rock bun or a lick of tablet to soothe the growing grumpiness and assuage the abject feeling of misery having soaked one rain hat, three bunnets, two jackets and a pair of boots in the process whilst coping with a disintegrating notebook turning to mush. Such dedication to duty, eh?

Just the Blethers to come now, but if the weather is anything like this come the Speyside, yer on yer own! Lucky white heather anyone?

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