Tuesday 19 March 2019

Rally - Brief encounters

Met a very interesting and talented chap in the Kielder Service Area at last weekend's cold and soggy Border Counties. He was chatting with a right unsavoury bunch under an easi-up as I approached, and being of an inquisitive (bluidy nosey!) nature I stopped to see what was afoot.

At first I thought the chap was showing them some large framed photographs and they looked pretty good - from a distance, but as I got closer I realised they were in fact paintings. They were stunningly good and one in particular caused a lump in my throat. It's an image of a man and a car that will always evoke memories regardless of location, event or time, and he had captured it perfectly.

The artist's name is William Young and he lives in Duns. He has a full time job, but his friends keep telling him to pack it in and take up painting full time. It seems he can't wait to get home from work of an evening and get straight into the studio. That might have something to do with the fact that even while he's at work he's thinking of his current artistic endeavour and whether to make changes, adjustments, improvements or just leave it. Perfectionist, eh?

At the present time he will undertake commissions that tickle his fancy and his interest these days has turned to motorsport and more recently rallying. Not just action stuff, but he has produced some accurate and detailed scenes from service areas with service crews working on cars.

Not this lot in the photo you understand, otherwise his resultant picture would be called 'Still Life' - only joking of course, but if William can impress such an unsavoury, uncultured, non-art loving bunch as this then he must be good. And he is!

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