Wednesday 23 August 2017

Road - Batman cometh

Looking like something out of the next Batman movie, and nothing to do with rallying, Ariel Motor Company have released a few details about their all new, ultra-high performance, range extended, electric sports car project called the 'HIPERCAR' - which stands for 'High Performance Carbon Reduction'.

Known for its skeletal Atom and nut-job Nomad, this new Ariel vehicle is scheduled for release in 2019 and full production in 2020. Plans are for both a four and two wheel drive Series Hybrid EV (Electric Vehicle) featuring a 750 Volt, 42 kWh or 56kWh, lithium-ion, cooled and heated battery pack which is charged, when required, by a 35kW micro-turbine range extender. 

Powered wheels are driven by inboard motors via integral, single speed step-down gearboxes direct to driven wheels, with each individual motor developing 220kW (295bhp) and 450Nm (332 ft lb) of torque

In 4 wheel drive, total power is therefore 880 kW (1,180bhp) and in 2 wheel drive form   
440kW (590bhp). 

Total torque is 1,800 Nm (1327 ft lb) at motor and 9,900 Nm (7301 ft lb) at the wheels in the 4 wheel drive HIPERCAR, and 900Nm (664 ft lb) at motor and 4,950 Nm (3651 ft lb) at the wheels in the 2 wheel drive car. 

The complete motor, gearbox and inverter assembly weighs only 57 kilos, but even with the weight of the battery pack, performance will be 'electric' (sorry, couldn't resist it) with a nought to 60 time of 2.4 seconds and nought to a 100 in 3.8. Even more impressive will be the nought to 150 time of 7.8 seconds!

As I said, nowt to do with rallying, but this technology could be coming to a forest or closed public road soon, or maybe not, depending on the future of rallying.

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