Friday 4 August 2017

Rally - Read Reid

A couple of weeks ago Robert Reid wrote an article in 'Motorsport News'. It's worth a read if you can get hold of a copy (26th July). As a former competitor at the very top level of the sport, his opinions have rather more validity than us mere earthlings. He was also invited to participate in the Motorsport Event Safety Review established in 2014 which culminated in the current implementation of the new rules affecting the organisation and 'policing' of our sport. Fair enough, no problems with that.

Mind you of the original 15 or so individuals (the number fluctuated during the group's course)  who comprised the Review group, only 3 directly represented rallying. The rest were from local and national government, Police, Health & Safety Exec, MSA, plus motor racing and motor cycle sport, not forgetting Sir Jackie Stewart. We may not like what they came up with, and there may yet be more to come, but we'll just have to get on with it.

I digress (I do that a lot these days, must be an age thing), anyway, last week, Colin Clark devoted his column (2nd Aug) to the same subject and you might want to try and get a look at that. I read it on Wednesday evening, then sat down and wrote a letter to the 'Letters Page' of Motorsport News. I didn't send it.

On Thursday morning, I looked at what I had written the previous evening, and re-wrote it. I toned it down. Quite a bit actually.

Anyway, it has now been sent so we'll see what next week brings. Yes, I know it's £3.50 a copy, but instead of a 'full breakfast' at the burger van in the lay-by, buy a copy of the paper and an apple. It'll do you more good.

Now I'm off to the Costa del Solway tomorrow and Tyneside on Sunday, see you there?

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