Sunday 20 August 2017

Rally - Women in sport

I'm not in the huff any more. 'Motorsport News' printed my letter (see post 11th August) in this week's 72 page special celebrating all that is great in British motorsport - a coincidence surely!

Anyway, I had a good read of the contents and thoroughly enjoyed it, so if you can find a copy of Wednesday's 16th August issue, it's well worth a read. It will give you a sharp poke in the memory box. However, one thing became glaringly obvious. In 31 pages of print and pics there were no female drivers, co-drivers or engineers listed.

Of the 29 drivers and 23 motor sports companies highlighted, there were only two ladies mentioned, Liz Patterson and Claire Williams. Of the greatest 20 motor sporting 'duels', only one lady's name made it, Michelle Mouton.

Motor sport needs to do better, eh?

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