Tuesday 29 August 2017

Rally - Grampian Classes

This must be a first? Surely? A Rally HQ in a railway carriage! It must also be a first for Brian Thomson of the 'Flying Finish' results service who had to set up his computer wizardry in the carriage too.

It's just a good job the carriage wasn't needed for its 'weekday job' of ferrying tourists in the 'Cream Tea Special' along the one mile stretch of this Royal Deeside Railway beside the Service Area at Milton of Crathes. The train is normally hauled by a diesel loco, but they do have a steam engine due to arrive soon, so maybe next year we'll get some soot and smoke thrown in as well. In other words, it will be well worth a visit after the rally - if only for the cream tea!

Anyway, that's all the info from the Classes on the Grampian Forest Rally now in the on-line mag. So if you want to know what happened (or didn't, cos they wouldn't tell me) to class rivals or family and friends, this is the one and only place you can catch up and be informed.

However, I have had a complaint, or more of a moan really, from one avid and regular reader. He will read the main Rally Report and the News & Gossip section from start to finish, but he can't be bothered with the Classes roundup even though a couple of his friends are regular competitors. I think he does look up the particular class for a particular name and that's it. Fair enough, but that surely is the point of the roundup? And yes, I do agree it's not the most readable format, but when trying to cover everyone, it does look like more of a list than a report.

Which has given me an idea. Does anyone remember the old crew-by-crew format in the much loved and now lost 'Rally Sport' mag? I'm thinking of doing something along those lines. Would that be better than the current format? All ideas and suggestions will be welcomed (well, some of them might be) with open arms and healthy scepticism.

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