Friday 21 July 2017

Rally - On my hols

I’m not at home at present but before I left I sent an email to STV News. Apparently they had been reporting the same misinformation that the BBC was issuing until their error was pointed out, but I got a phone call from someone who watches STV News (thanks John) as I tend not to.

I don’t have any contacts within STV, although I did have some dealings with them in the early days, but all the folk I knew then are long gone and I haven’t kept up to date. On that basis I didn’t write to anyone specifically, but addressed my email ‘For the Attention of News Editors and Reporters’. This should work as all major Newsrooms, have staff who work in shifts and they will see and (hopefully) respond to news and information received in this manner.

Anyway, he wasn’t the only one, another reader of these pages sent a Tweet to STV News (@STVNews) pointing out their error and actually referred them to my pages to get the full and proper story (thanks Claire) and since I’m not at home it’s up to you lot to keep an eye on things.

STV News needs to be reminded that their reporters and Editors have a duty to investigate stories and report facts. To do otherwise not only casts doubts on the accuracy of their other news stories, but does their viewers and the general public a great dis-service by spreading such misinformation.

If they are still at it when I get back (short break to idyllic and remote location) then I will light the fiery cross and have another go.

If you feel so inclined then by all means drop them a line at: and f you think it might help, refer them to my Blog or Facebook coverage.

I do hope this message makes the Internet as the wi-fi signal here is about as reliable as a drunk homing pigeon on a stag night in Sauchiehall Street.

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