Tuesday 18 July 2017

Rally - The BBC

They're at it again. On the 6pm Scottish news tonight, the BBC Scotland presenter and reporter both reported on the FOUR spectator fatalities on two motor rallies. Despite having pointed this error out to them in the past, they continue to mislead the public.

So I have just sent an email to: 'newsonlinescotland@bbc.co.uk' marked for the Attention of News Editors & Reporters.

The text of the email is as follows:

" Would you please ensure that your staff reports accurately on the Fatal Accident Inquiry which started in Edinburgh today into the deaths of ONE spectator on the Snowman Rally and TWO accredited media personnel who had family friends travelling with them (and shouldn’t have!) and who put themselves in danger on the Jim Clark Rally.

I have repeatedly pointed out this factual error to BBC staff in the past and yet this inaccuracy continues. Such inaccuracies could cast doubt on the accuracy of your other news stories.

Is it quite simply that you can’t bear to criticise members of the ‘media profession’? The use of the term ‘spectators’ on the Jim Clark accident is quite misleading – the BBC doesn’t send ‘spectators’ to report on football, tennis or athletics. In the same way two of the fatalities on the Jim Clark event were representing a media outlet, one of whom was experienced enough to know better.

The fatality on the Snowman Rally was a most unfortunate and regrettable accident in unique circumstances while hopefully the FAI will realise that the event organisers were not at fault in the other fatal accident.

The BBC credits itself on reporting the ‘facts’, all I ask is that you do so. ""

If anyone else wants to drop them a line, by all means do so. Their inaccuracies reflect badly on our sport. One spectator fatality is one too many but the other three were instigated by one who should have known better and were not the fault of the rally organisers. Let's hope the FAI exposes the real truth.

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