Wednesday 19 July 2017

Rally - BBC v3

Just so you all know I have emailed Morag Kinniburgh directly following her report on today's lunchtime BBC Scotland News regarding the wording of her report. I don't have a telephone contact number for her, but she does have a Twitter account so I sent her a Tweet too. Now be careful you lot, that's not an invitation to go bombarding her account, let's just see what happens.

I have also referred her to my Blog and FB pages and if she does look she'll find out just how much we all care about this.

On the on-line written reports, the wording has been changed slightly so let's see what happens from now. Whether they like it or not, the BBC has a duty not just to itself to report clearly and factually, but many other news outlets take their lead from the BBC, so that's why this matters.

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