Saturday 15 July 2017

Rally - Mach pics

There were no foties from the Mach 1 in the previous report but that was due entirely to the lack of mobile signal at Machrihanish. Well, that’s not entirely true, there was a signal but it came and went with the wind, or it might have been the rain, or it could have been the surf, but whenever it did come it was about as strong as a muscle beach budgie. It was bad enough trying to post up the text without hanging around for yonks posting up the pics, but here they are thanks to the homely and comfortable surroundings of the Ashbank Hotel where I now have a wi-fi signal. So here goes. 

Three pics of the top three, Shaun Sinclair in Black Magic, Taylor Gibb in the flying Lancer and Nigel Feeney in his brand spankers new (he got it in Belgium on Thursday!) WRC MINI.

As for the other pic, that shows Sergeant Major Trix Grant of the Household Secretarial Cavalry hustling the bagpiper along to the
Rally Start this morning. Andrew Gray who rallies a wee Peugeot did the bag-blawing honours and what a stirring sound echoing across the rain splunged expanse of the massive runway at the old airbase. There’s nothing like a blast of ‘Scotland the Brave’ on a cold, wet and windy morning. I had to nail my feet to the ground to stop stamping in time to the music.

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