Wednesday 19 July 2017

Rally - BBC v4

Latest update is that Morag Kinniburgh of BBC Scotland has replied to my email and is now aware of what I have been writing. In her defence, motor rallying, and to a certain extent motor racing, are regarded by many news outlets as 'minority' sports. On that basis few 'staffers' are fully aware of the nature of the sport, it's rules, regulation and governance. Nor are they fully aware of how events are run and the dedicated band of 'professional' amateurs who organise and manage these events. And given the language that is being used in some of the Court documents, there is a distinct lack of knowledge there too.

On a further point, Lori Carnochan from ITV Borders, who many of us know, has copied and pasted my reports and passed them to her Newsroom and given them my telephone number! We have one good friend on our side.

Some of you have been asking how we can follow proceedings at the Court in Edinburgh. The short answer is, we can't unless we attend in person. The FAI proceedings are not televised and nothing will be issued by the Court until the conclusion of the FAI itself.

However, I did suggest to Morag that perhaps she should try and find out why two such quite different accidents have been combined into one Fatal Accident Inquiry when the circumstances were entirely different.

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