Tuesday 23 May 2017

Rally - Willy who?

Those nice people at Red Bull sent me a very interesting article which I have published in full in Jaggy's on-line magazine. The article takes a look behind the scenes at the Hyundai WRC team and chats with Willy Verhoeven.

'Willy who?' you might ask. Willy is not a member of the crew or the management, but he is an essential member of 'The Team'.

If every member of the team is a cog in the machine, then Willy provides the lifeblood lubrication that keeps it running smoothly. What makes his story more poignant is that he was with the Peugeot Team in 2005 when Michael ‘Beef’ Park lost his life.

Now I know it falls outside Jaggy's remit of all things Scottish, but if you get a  minute or two, it's well worth a read.

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