Saturday 20 May 2017

Rally - RSAC Scottish

At least it will keep the midgies indoors. After a dry-ish start to the RSAC Scottish Rally this morning the heavens opened and solid waatter fell from the sky. Last night’s rain also ensured that there was no such thing as dust this morning either, so the Marshals who are out there braving the elements might just be thankful that they are sodden and wet rather than midge fodder and dust-choked. What a choice, Scottish rallying at its best, eh?

And it is, David Bogie got off to a flying start this morning faster over the first two stages than rally leader Fredik Ahlin, but tyre choice as ever is critical. David’s Skoda arrived at the first service with the DMACKS a wee bit tattered at the edges. “Just shows they’re working fine,” said David, “it was the right choice for those two but they won’t go any farther.” Sadly, Euan Thorburn won’t be troubling the top two after a puncture this morning: “I was told don’t cut,” said Euan, “but I did.” John Morrison was none too chuffed either: “I stopped to change a rear puncture then the front on the same side went down,” said John, and as I got to the finish of the stage the other front went down, the wheel studs sheared and the wheel broke!” Happy days, eh?

Over in the Nat B rally, Shaun Sinclair has a half second lead over Greg McKnight after the day’s opening two tests with Mark McCulloch 7 seconds behind but ahead of Rory Young and Jock Armstrong: “I was expecting the ‘big’ cars to have pulled out more rocks than they did,” said Jock, “I was just too cautious.” Rounding off the top half dozen is Freddie Milne ahead of Mike Faulkner after a too-cautious start.

Greg was looking quite at ease, but Shaun reckons there’s more to come: “I was lifting too often,”  said Shaun, “there’s a fine line between driving  and crashing, I haven’t quite found it yet!”

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