Tuesday 9 May 2017

Rally - Photo of the Year 2

Photo entitled: '101 uses for a domestic broom'. Yesterday's post generated a lot of interest so I thought I'd submit my own 'Photo of the Year' contender. This picture illustrates number 81 in the list: 'Propping up car bonnets', a list which comprises lots of other uses such as sweeping rally car tarpaulins (No.1), washing wheels (No.10), brushing the dog's teeth (No.23) and combing out the remains of a greasy fried egg breakfast roll from manly beards (No.96)!

Anyway it has inspired an idea, what about a proper 'Photograph of the Year' competition for Scottish rallying? And who would be the perfect judges? Do you think the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow would be the ideal host venue, or the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh? It might just be too much for the Mull Theatre in Tobermory though, eh?

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