Saturday 20 May 2017

Rally - Order restored

Kindly disregard the running order as reported in the previous post regarding the Nat B competitors. It would appear that the Marshals were overwhelmed by a queue of cars at the end of SS2, not helped by the fact that it was raining. How hard was it raining? A bearded old chap appeared out of the woods wearing robes and carrying a staff. No, it wasn’t Jeremy Corbyn, he was looking for two red deer to go along with the two of everything else he was collecting for his boat parked in the Firth.

Anyway, the true running order after 4 of the day’s 6 stages shows Jock Armstrong leading by 30 seconds from Shaun Sinclair. Almost a minute behind in third place is Mike Faulkner but Rory Young is 3 tenths of a second behind Mike. Game on as they say.

Mark McCulloch is fifth, despite a puncture, with Freddie Milne rounding off the top six, but Michael Binnie is going well again just outside the top six and ahead of Iain Wilson - and there’s less than 10 seconds between them.

Sadly, Greg McKnight is not amongst them. The Lancer punctured a tyre, the flailing rubber took the inner wing off and then destroyed the wiring loom. What a bluidy shame. The boy was ‘done’ good as footballers would say. Ian Forgan won’t be finishing either, the Subaru parked up amongst the greenery in  Ae forest.

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