Thursday 29 September 2016

Road - Top Car Scotland

Ahead of next month's 'Scottish Car of the Year' revelations and awards, the judges are hard at work assessing and appraising all the contenders for the various class awards, and of course, the most highly coveted and prestigious 'Scottish Car of the Year' accolade. Having driven all of these machines at some point during the year their results and opinions now have to be compiled and scored.

This competition is highly regarded amongst the world's manufacturers as it is (rightly!) regarded as a national competition as opposed to a more limited trade, specialist category or motoring magazine award.

This will be the 20th year of the Scottish awards and picking the winners doesn't get any easier. Everyone is building better cars these days to tempt a much more discerning and knowledgeable public.

As part of this process a certain Mr Bunnet was spotted out and about earlier in the week in something rather more exotic than his usual mode of transport. Somewhat out of his comfort zone, the bold lad was behind the wheel of a McLaren 570GT. Nevertheless he persevered with his duty.

And before you ask, entry and exit to the compact cabin were both accomplished with all the style, panache, elegance and dignity that one would expect from the nation's foremost motoring correspondent. Or to be more accurate, getting in was a doddle, getting out was more like soor dook oozing from the neck of a bottle.

There will be a full appraisal in the mag soon.

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