Wednesday 14 September 2016

Rally - The Coltness 200

The Coltness 200 is a new 'event' in the Lanarkshire based Coltness Car Club's calendar. It will not replace the late much lamented McRae Stages Rally, but it will keep things ticking over till The Bears come up with a new ploy.

Inspired by Highland Car Club's excellent 'La Crofterra Pandemonia' event, The Bears introduced their own extremely educational and thoroughly cordial 'Castles Tour' a couple of months back, following which another such outing is being planned for Saturday October 1st.

It should provide an ideal social motoring event for those with wives, partners, girl/boy friends, grandparents needing an airing, or weans  who will inspire their drivers with oft-repeated and countlessly endearing cries of "Are we there yet?" Thoughtfully, there will also be plenty of hedges along the route over which weans can be dangled if they have eaten too many sweeties and ice cream, and who then proclaim a sudden desire to decorate the car's interior and upholstery with a sticky confection of previously consumed and semi digested edibles.

The 'Coltness 200' is not an event for boy or girl racers, there will be no competitive speed element or strict time schedules, just leisure and pleasure rolled into one culturally convivial cacophany of automotive delight driving along uncluttered highways and byways, enchanted by the first glint of autumnal splendour in the Scottish Lowlands.
The Entry Fee is a trifling 40 quid per crew of two for which entrants will receive a Starter Certificate, Identification Plates and a Route Book. A 'Points of Interest Book' will also be provided which may, or may not, contain a plethora of 'facts' along the way. Subjects covered will include monks and monasteries, ghosts and bloody battles, Covenanters and Kingly pursuits, and maybe even a wee bit of rallying reminiscing.

The 200 mile run will start and finish from the historic hamlet of Ashgill close by the renowned visitor and tourist centre of Larkhall and will include a decidedly non-gourmet, 'bearly' appealing buffet at the finish in late afternoon.

Aimed specifically at owners of cars which were manufactured prior to 1975, entries may also be accepted from those who might have something interesting or exotic which needs a blaw-through. The event is open to members of Coltness Car Club or any other Scottish car club which is a member of the Scottish Association of Car Clubs.

Regs and Entry Forms are available from:

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