Wednesday 25 May 2016

Rally - YouTube TV

Faster Scotland on YouTube. With reference to the item a couple of days ago, apparently there is still a wee bit of editing (and perhaps dubbing!) work needing to be done on the new 'Faster Scotland' inaugural YouTube TV prog, but the team (twa blokes and a burd) have prepared a wee teaser to titillate and tantalise. They have also promised that this first of a planned monthly series will be up in a few days. The teaser actually looks quite good, apart from the inclusion of two clips from a Hammer House of Horror production which somehow slipped past the film censor. I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

What will not be shown on the programme will be Jim McRae's arrival at Craigvinean for his starring role. As he pulled up to halt in the pickup, the assembled throng spotted that the trailer had a puncture and Jim was asked: "When folk passed you did they not try to point or indicate somehow that you had a puncture?"

The measured response was: "Nobody passed me on the way up." I still don't know if that was a threat or a statement. Aye, you can take the man out of Lanark but you can't take Lanark out of the man!

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